MRC Clinical Academic Research Partnership webinar (MRC CARP)

5 July 2021 Webinar

The research development and support team at The University of Birmingham's College of Medical and Dental Sciences are organising an information session about the MRC’s Clinical Academic Research Partnership call (MRC CARP).

The webinar will start with a brief introduction to the scheme by Dr Antonia Chatzopoulou Chatzi (MDS’ Research Development Manager), followed by short talks from Prof David Wraith (current panel member for the CARP call), Dr James Scriven (CARP awardee from round 2) and Prof Robin May (Dr Scriven’s academic research partner for his CAPR award) who will bring their insight and experience with this call.

After the talks, a Q&A session will take place during which attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Interested attendees are encouraged to review the call’s webpage (see link here) ahead of this webinar so they familiarise themselves with CAPR.

Register to attend here