Thought leadership session: Talking to the public about data

23 April 2021 Webinar

You are invited to participate in a series of thought leadership sessions being held as part of the NHSX Innovation Collaborative, in partnership with the AHSN Network.  These sessions have been selected to stimulate thinking on important everyday challenges and opportunities we experience in technology enabled improvement, as well as provide an opportunity to contribute to the emerging thinking in these areas.

The next session will focus on how to talk to the public about data. 

The NHSX Innovation Collaborative has teamed up with the expert team at Understanding Patient Data, to deliver an engaging session to explore public attitudes to data, and tips for finding the right time and words to explain data to people. Understanding Patient Data is hosted at the Wellcome Trust, and combines research, advocacy and communication to make the way patient data is used more trustworthy.

Data is a growing and highly relevant area for anyone involved in deployment of new technologies into health and care.

The highly interactive session will explore:

  • The benefits of focusing on ‘trustworthiness’ rather than ‘trust’, and outlining the key characteristics and practices for organisations to demonstrate they are trustworthy with data.
  • What research tells us about communicating data, including finding the right time and context, using the right language, and resources  
  • People’s attitudes towards the use of patient data, including their main questions and concerns, where the red lines are and how things have changed during the pandemic.

Please share this great opportunity with relevant local contacts, and book your place via Eventbrite. 

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