WEBINAR: Cell Therapies: Bench to Bedside

1 April 2021 Webinar

Cell therapies could be the magic bullet for treating many different and previously intractable diseases. However creating a new cell therapy is fraught with complexities – sourcing, growing, transporting cells and other components for these therapies can be difficult. This event in partnership with the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) brings together speakers from charity, industry and academic sectors to provide considered insights into the different stages of cell therapy development from bench to bedside.

The webinar will address:

• The sustainable and ethical sourcing of human adult derived biological products as starting materials and criteria to consider when selecting the correct starting materials.
• Translating cell therapy into an implantable medical device with the adoption of substrates and scaffolds.
• Understanding cellular interactions with substrates and hence need to evaluate in-vitro biocompatibility.
• Reproducible and robust high throughput in-vitro testing for cell therapy performance validation.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions of our presenters in a Q&A session post presentation.

This webinar is open to all organisations seeking insight into cell therapy and the practicalities of development for patient use.

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