WEBINAR: Reducing Health Inequalities through Digital Health

10 March 2021 Webinar

The pandemic has bought about a dramatic acceleration of Digital Health solutions and the requirement to deliver care remotely. Adoption of, and access to healthcare is impacted by many factors including the use of the technology itself.

Join De Montfort University’s Digital Health Team for an insight into the latest developments in this area supporting the future of healthcare.

This webinar will cover:
• Understanding the digital response to Covid-19.
• Examining the application of Digital Health in Covid-19 with a focus on health and social care providers.
• Exploring the adoption of Digital Health and how it is impacted by factors of technology.
• Understanding the user perspective including ‘trust’ in digital, and the practical application.

This webinar is open to all organisations keen to explore and understand the digital health landscape.

Find out more and register here.