WEBINAR: AI – minefield or potential gold mine?

9 March 2021 Webinar

Join Mills & Reeve for this Artificial Intelligence webinar to hear from James Fry and Isabel Teare as they consider some practical examples and the legal considerations that can arise.

The use of artificial intelligence across all areas of technology is increasingly significant, with its application in life sciences offering great promise. AlphaFold’s striking advances in protein folding prediction provide a great example. However, AI remains largely unregulated despite widespread concern about the ethical issues.

Mills & Reeve have worked with the Association of Medical Research Charities to review this developing picture, and drew conclusions about how AI law and regulation are likely to evolve – see “A Sense of Direction for AI”.

James and Isabel will offer some pointers on how to navigate an uncertain situation and what you can do to protect your position. As well as providing the opportunity for you to ask questions.

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