The Impact of Brexit – How has your Business been Affected?

20 January 2021 Webinar

In this Medilink Midlands webinar, the Office for Life Sciences, the Government’s specialist team covering the sector, are eager to hear the views of Life Sciences businesses on how they are being affected by Brexit and the end of the Transition Period.

In this session, the Office for Life Sciences will reflect on areas where Brexit has led to a change (such as the regulation of medicines and devices; the way the border operates; and research and international recruitment) and invite attendees to share how their business has been affected.

The insights gained from this webinar will be fed back to Government Ministers and inform future Government policy making in relation to the Life Sciences.

This is an interactive session, with plenty of opportunity for questions, limited presentations, as well as guidance on where to go for further information, support and advice.

Register to attend here.