Digital delivery of care for cardiovascular conditions

19 January 2021 Webinar

Learn more about how clinicians can use a range of digital aids for providing care to patients with atrial fibrillation and/or hypertension - to screen or prevent deterioration and/or manage their care. Help to empower patients to take more responsibility for their cardiovascular condition.

1. Introduction: Dr Ruth Chambers OBE (Chair)

Staffordshire STP’s clinical lead for technology enabled care services programme, digital workstream

2. How to detect & manage atrial fibrillation (AF): Using the AliveCor lead 1 device: Kevin McGibbon, Atrial fibrillation clinical nurse specialist UHNM

Using the AliveCor lead 6 device: Kath Baddeley, Practice nurse, Adderley Green medical services, Stoke on Trent

Adopting use of AliveCor at scale across circa 120 practices: Dr Savio Mathew, Clinical teaching fellow, University of Leicester

Providing remote follow up care for outpatients with AF: Kevin McGibbon

Using a holter for up to 14 days Dr Marcelino Ruiz-Martin, GP, Higherland surgery, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Augmented reality apps: Know My Beat (helping person check their pulse); and Know My Heart (helping patient diagnosed with AF understand their condition/self-care); Beat diabetes & Cravings: Luke Bracegirdle, Director, Virtual Health Shed

3. How to – confirm diagnosis & manage hypertension:

Interactive text messaging for blood pressure management:

Ann Hughes, Digital upskilling practice nurse lead & Linda Drake, NHS Southwark CCG

Overview of BP shared management plans: Dr Ruth Chambers OBE

4. Using a digital stethoscope:

Connecting and using an e-stethoscope for a clinical purpose: Kevin McGibbon

Connecting via GP surgery & Care Home: Dr Asif Ahmed, GP Brewood, Staffordshire and Tim Mellor, Care Manager

Individual clinician experiences:

Dr Minal Bakhai – a national GP lead describes her use of digital stethoscopes in her London-based practice

Dr Sowmya Ekhelikar- Hospital doctor with special interest in cardiology, UHNM

- listen to a range of audio heart sounds relayed remotely

5. Digital opportunities for remote care of cardiovascular conditions

Dr Thanh Phan – consultant cardiologist, UHNM

6. Webinar Q&As: Dr Minal Bakhai, Dr Ruth Chambers OBE and Kevin McGibbon answer your questions

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