Patent Box - Uncover the hidden value in your business

14 October 2020 Webinar

If you're driving innovation in your organisation, you may be entitled to a government 'reward' Patent Box tax relief and it is likely also eligible for R&D tax relief. 
Join tax expert Nigel Holmes, Head of R&D Technical Operations at Catax Group who will share his knowledge and experience to help you uncover the hidden value in your business. 

Session overview

  • An understanding of how R&D tax relief can release cash during these challenging times
  • Understanding what R&D tax relief is and isn’t just for people in white lab coats
  • A look at case studies and examples of how the relief works in practice across various sectors
  • An understanding of how Patent Box works and how it can nearly half a company’s tax bill
  • Showing how Patent Box calculation is complex but very beneficial
  • Examine what income qualifies for Patent Box
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