Innovative practices to help you rethink how you will work after COVID

21 August 2020 Webinar

ideasUK, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network & Medlink West Midlands brings you this collaborative webinar to offer innovators and SMEs in the health care, life sciences and med-tech sector, how to better understand how innovative practices can support organisations to rethink how they are going to work after COVID.

• How to maximise engagement with employees, colleagues, and customers to gather ideas to innovate.
• How to harness ideas / great ideas to flow with remote working.
• How successful communication is an essential part of a business and its success.
• How ideasUK can support the growth of innovation and leadership in the workplace.
• Introducing new innovative process and solutions in the everchanging working landscape/environment.
• Innovating through crisis – what we have learnt and how we can use these experiences to adapt business processes to improve.
• Benefits
• To connect and be part of a community

Zena Cox, Operations Director, ideasUK
Martin Ellgood, head of Operations for Chugai Pharmaceuticals
Sam MacMillan, UK Ideation Manager, HSBC UK Ltd
Tammy Holmes, Head of Innovation Exchange, WMAHSN

If you have any questions or discussion points you wish to submit in advance of the session which can be submitted on the registration page.

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