Primary care triage and the business change involved.

29 April 2020 Webinar

Statistics from GP practices that have adopted the business process changes involved in the ‘total triage’ model required of General Practice in responding to COVID-19 indicate significant improvements in patient and staff satisfaction as well as more ‘time for care’.
Whilst individual systems vary, the essence is the greater use of online technology both initially to triage patients and to treat them. By gathering information before a patient has booked an appointment, practice staff are able to decide, if necessary, in discussion with the patient or their carer, how best to respond to their requests. Typically patients get treated on the day they raise the issue, and rarely have to wait long if they have to have a face to face appointment. Practice managers also approve because it reduces locum spend, improves staff utilisation and slows or reverses the rise in hospital visits and 111 calls by their practice’s patients.
Generally this process benefits all users, but introducing business change is never easy. These webinars focus on implementation and offer a chance to hear from those most experienced in introducing triage processes and video consultations into primary care.
The panel for the event at 10am on 29 April will include frontline professional staff users (clinician or nurse), patients and carers who will share their experiences of moving to the new system.
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