Getting AI (Artificial Intelligence) Right

28 November 2019 Marks & Clerk, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street, Birmingham, B1 1TT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting technologies of our time. With 89% of UK company leaders planning to adopt AI within the next five years, it is predicted by PwC that 30% of UK jobs could be replaced by AI technology.

The life sciences sector is one of the largest sectors with the number of patents filed in this area, as an increasing number of medical device companies are using AI to diagnose patients more precisely and to treat them more effectively but are often faced with challenges.

Industry experts from Marks & Clerk, including partner Philip Cupitt, will provide an insight to what AI is, where it’s been used in healthcare and how IP can be used to protect AI.

Aimed at people interested in AI or who are using it to develop their business, this event will cover:
• What is AI?
• A look at some cutting-edge AI technologies, and how they might create new business opportunities
• How you can use intellectual property to protect your AI innovations and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors

Attendees will also hear from Creavo Medical Technologies, who will share their experiences with AI and what businesses should consider.

You will also have the opportunity for a complimentary one to one meeting with an IP expert at the event, where you can discuss any queries relating to IP on a confidential and no-obligation basis.

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