Putting Prevention into Practice: Improving Outcomes

14 September 2018 iCentrum Holt Street Birmingham B7 4BP

This event is an exciting opportunity to explore the impacts, and potential, of prevention programmes across the region. Prevention has the potential to change the lives everyone by improving their health, living environments or the services they receive. Not only can prevention programmes alter the options and opportunities for citizens and carers, there is a huge untapped range of possibilities for commissioners, providers and strategists throughout the region.

Whether you work in prevention, or have only just thought about the potential that this could offer to your services and the lives of those you support, this event is for you.

The event will include interactive workshops to provide guidance and stimulate discussion around preventative strategies. The event will explore why prevention matters, what evidence exists to show that it works, and what the future Prevention, Wellness and Self-care Programme can offer to support work across the region. This will include presentations on topics including:

  • The Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in relation to prevention and self-care

  • The Academic Health Science Network agenda and changes following relicensing

  • Case studies of preventative programmes - Intelligent Health

  • Personalised budgets and citizens as their own commissioner - NHS England

  • Isolation in elderly social care and its impact on the person – Age UK

The event will also include the launch of the glossary and Self-care Packs for the Prevention, Wellness and Self-care Programme. The glossary is designed for anyone who's ever walked away from a meeting wondering if they've understood what was said, or whether what they've said has been understood. Even though we use the same words, we often don't seem to be speaking the 'same language'. The glossary is a new list of universal terms and definitions designed for clear and unambiguous conversations between everyone working in prevention and self-care.

Workshops in the afternoon will provide in-depth discussion of presentation topics, demonstrations of new online platforms and introduction to new support available in the sector. Exhibitors will include: West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, Meridian, Medilink, Whisk and Inside Outcomes.




  • Dr Chris Parker, Managing Director, WMAHSN - AHSN Prevention, Wellness and Self-care Programme

  • Andy Williams, Accountable Officer, Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG - Sustainability and Transformation Plans' agenda for prevention

  • Dr William Bird - CEO – Intelligent Health

  • Jennie Walker, Head of Personalised Care (Personalised Health Budgets and Midlands and the East) - NHS England and personalised budgets

  • Tony Davis, Commercial Director, WMAHSN - AHSN direction following relicensing

  • Jill Mortimer, Policy Manager, Age Concern UK - Older people in isolation and its impact on the individual


  • Dr William Bird - In-depth look at prevention in practice and behaviour change

  • Jill Mortimer – Isolation: its causes, consequences and identifying those at risk

  • WHISK and HealthXchange – Diabetes and WHISK

  • Darren Wright - Showcase of Inside Outcomes support

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