MD-TEC Workshop: Drug Discovery and Optimisation for Clinical Development

15 March 2018 Institute of Translational Medicine Heritage Building (Old Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Mindelsohn Way Birmingham B15 2TH

Developing healthcare products in the lab and successfully translating them to the clinic not only requires a strong scientific basis for the underpinning technology, but also knowledge of how the finished product will be regulated and delivered at reasonable cost with robustly demonstrated benefit in the eyes of potential adopters. In reality, all of these aspects of product development are related to one another and must be considered as early on in order for potentially ground-breaking technologies to reach the clinic in a timely and cost-effective manner.

This workshop will give a holistic overview of key aspects of developing drug products and medical devices, including: building a network to triage and nurture ideas; the regulatory pathway; establishing safety; manufacturing at scale to clinical grade; and defining relevant measures of clinical success in trials. Key points to consider and questions to ask around a concept product will be discussed, along with their impact on reaching clinical trial or market from a project management perspective. Critically, the talk will highlight how considering the abovementioned aspects early on through relatively simple lab experiments and engagement with relevant regulatory bodies can help companies and academics innovate and get to market faster, at reduced cost and with less risk.


This is a free event. For more information visit the Eventbrite page.