Wellness and Prevention of Illness Definitions Workshop

19 January 2018 iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham B7 4BB

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network is hosting a half day workshop on 19 January 2018, exploring the language and linguistics around wellness and prevention of illness.

This workshop is for anyone who's ever walked away from a meeting wondering if they've understood what was said, or whether what they've said has been understood. Even though we use the same words, we often don't seem to be speaking the 'same language'. This workshop will try to ensure that what we say, and how we say it, is consistent and gets our message and purpose across. Attendees will discuss the West Midlands' prevention of illness agenda and our use of language, and is aimed at people who work on the prevention of illness agenda across health, social care and the third sector, including commissioners and front line provider staff.

WMAHSN wants to work with you to understand the language differences, and hence the barriers, in working in prevention across sectors. There is a need to develop a common bond of prevention language and linguistics to support this increasingly important agenda and to ensure that we speak a common vocabulary, which enables people to get the right services, at the right time and in the right way.

To book your place, go to Eventbrite. To engage with the event on Twitter, use the hashtag #saywhatwemean.