Can we bring the mind and the body together again?

17 October 2017 G11, Main Building, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET

Our ageing population offers real reasons to celebrate modern medical advances. But it also challenges our abilities to provide dignifying and effective medical care, especially in acute hospitals and of our perceptions of ageing and the value of older people. Effective liaison psychiatry models are essential to ensure that our health system will be able to meet the needs of our changing population.

Since the emergence of psychiatry as a medical speciality, contradictory ideas and concepts have led to an artificial separation of the mind and the body. This has had consequences on medical training, service models and patients’ and carers experiences.

Professor George Tadros, Professor of Liaison Psychiatry and Dementia, Aston Medical School and Clinical Director of Urgent Care Pathway, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, will explore the issues in dealing with mental ill-health, demonstrating the link between the mind and the body. He will also explain the Rapid Assessment Interface Discharge (RAID) model of liaison psychiatry and how digital technology and local collaboration can be effective in supporting patients and their families. He will examine the effect of dementia on our ageing population and how current and future research could have a significant impact on this generation and generations to come. 

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