Behcet's in a Day

4 October 2017 Post Graduate Education Centre, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham B18 7QH.

Save the date for this free study day exploring Behcet's syndrome, its symptoms and advances in treatment. The day comprises: 

9am Registration and refreshments

9.15am Introduction to the day - Dr Deva Situnayake, Clinical Lead and Consultant Rheumatologist

9.30amResearch in Behcet's - Dr Graham Wallace

10am What is the most appropriate first line systemic immunosuppressive therapy? - Dr Deva Situnayake

10.30am Psychological Impact of Living with Behcet's - Dr Sarah Douglas, Senior Clinical Psychologist

11am Refreshments

11.15am How do I differentiate Behcet's ulcers from other causes of mouth ulcers? - Dr Ana Poveda-Gallego, Consultant in Oral Medicine

11.45am Ulceration disorders of the vulva - Dr Claire Bailey, Consultant Gynaecologist

12.15pm Living with Behcet's - Patient TBA

12.45pm Lunch

1.30pm What headache symptoms warrant further investigation in BD? - Dr Arul Sivaguru, Consultant Neurologist

1.50pm There's More to Uveitis Than Meets The Eye - Professor Philip Murray, Consultant  Ophthalmologist

2.10pm Common paediatrics scenarios - Dr Eslam Al-Abadi, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

2.30pm Clinical Cases - Professor David Carruthers, Consultant Rheumatologist

2.50pm The referral process - Debbie Mitton, Lead Nurse/Centre Manager

3.10pm Close to the day - Dr Deva Situnayake

To secure your place, contact Debbie Mitton, Lead Nurse/Centre Manager at the Behcet's Syndrome National Centre of Excellence, on 0121 507 4243 or email