Children and Young People Mental Ill-health Prevention Workshop

28 September 2017 Savoy Lounge, Walsall Football Club, Bank's Stadium, Bescot Crescent, Walsall WS1 4SA

The West Midlands Mental Health Innovation Network is seeking young people and ambassadors (suggested age 16 - 25 years) to influence the services created and offered with regard to mental health prevention strategies.

We will be discussing the "Getting It Right, First Time" Mental Illness Strategy, developed by Forward Thinking Birmingham and the WMAHSN on behalf of the Mental Health Systems strategy board in Birmingham, as well as next steps in our current project of work. You will also hear from Norman Lamb MP, who will give an update on the current national perspective.

Many of the current services for people with (or at risk of) mental illness have not changed significantly for many years, but there are some pockets of best and innovative practice occurring in the West Midlands. The recent prevention strategy proposed by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Strategy Board recommends some radical changes to the way services are planned and delivered through the 'Getting it Right, First Time: Prevention of Mental Illness Strategy' by taking existing best practice and merging with new innovations and approaches to prevent mental ill-health in children and young people.

This workshop seeks a ‘fresh set of eyes’ from young people (aged 16 - 25 years) in the West Midlands who:

  • Wish to engage in the development, delivery and spread of innovative approaches to prevention of mental ill-health and promote well-being of children and young people
  • Think about different approaches including digital approach to well-being and prevention of mental ill-health in children and young people
  • Understand current and emerging mental illnesses prevention and well-being services and approaches (the art of the possible) for children and young people.

Workshop objectives:

  • To inform young people and other key stakeholders of emerging opportunities, innovations and approaches to mental ill-health prevention and well-being
  • To identify existing technologies, approaches and services that may be suitable for mental health prevention programmes targeted at children and young people
  • To identify novel approaches to the prevention of mental illness
  • To garner direct feedback and opinion of young people in terms of what "good looks like" in terms of approaches, technologies, interventions and services for well-being and mental illness prevention in children and young people.

If you are a young person and wish to attend this event, please ask your organisation/college/university to contact the event organiser at, and then register your place at Eventbrite. Support with travel expenses and refreshments will be provided.