Making Light Work with Laser Cutting and Machining

18 August 2017 Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET

Photonics, using light for a variety of purposes, is one of the fastest growing research and technology areas. Laser cutting uses a CAD file as a guide to cut a pattern out precisely. The technology uses a focused laser beam to process the material, and has replacing other methods because of greater accuracy and improved process control.

Aston University’s photonics team has recently launched a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) part-funded project called the Innovative Product Support Service (IPSS) around innovation and photonic technologies. The main target of the project is to apply scientific knowledge to new product and process development, and educate local companies, while increasing their productivity and profits.

It is inviting West Midlands-based business owners and manufacturers to attend this free workshop. The workshop will discuss funding opportunities and the varieties of laser cutting and processing methods, their applications in industry and Aston’s laser technology, which allows process a variety of materials including metals and hard ceramics. They will provide some one-to-one consultancy throughout the day too and if they find a field for potential improvement, they will provide some initial investigations for your business for free.  

You can reserve your place by emailing Jolade Azzan