R&D Tax Relief for Innovative Businesses

30 June 2017 Innovation Birmingham Limited, Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park, Aston, Birmingham B7 4BB

R&D Tax Solutions are showing business owners how to finance innovative projects using the latest R&D Tax Relief from HMRC. Due to exclusivity of this event, seat numbers are limited. 

The afternoon presentation will run from 4.30 - 6.30pm and will cover:

An engineer’s overview of HMRC’s R&D Tax Relief:

  • Qualifying business activities
  • Qualifying costs
  • How this relief can finance your projects
  • Relief timing
  • Industry examples
  • Benefits of using a R&D tax specialist.

The tax expert’s view:

  • The financial impact of a successful claim
  • How to identify your project
  • How to identify your R&D regime (SME v large)
  • How to identify project costs
  • Information HMRC require in support of your claim
  • The Tax Calculation
  • The HMRC enquiry process
  • Benefits of using a specialist

Book your place now to benefit from the vast experience of R&D Tax Solutions, learn about your company's eligibility for R&D tax relief and for support in preparing for your claim.