Mental Health Hackthon

29 June 2017 Innovation Birmingham Limited, Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park, Aston, Birmingham B7 4BB

iSE, as part of their work leading the West Midlands Third Sector Innovation Network, is holding a taster half day 'hack' with WMAHSN and in partnership with RnR Organisation, for anyone interested in innovative solutions for mental health prevention.

We invite third sector organisations, service users, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, healthcare professionals and the public to come along and work together on addressing these health and social care issues by designing and building digital or service solutions.

#HackMentalHealth will bring together professionals, students, industry experts, and others in healthTech who are passionate about healthTech and building the future of mental health services, so come along to find new ideas, meet someone new, have fun, or simply learn a new skill that stretches you beyond your usual day-to-day life.

Hacks are very fluid sessions where everyone has a voice and can collaborate to build and demonstrate inspirational, creative and innovative ideas to address a 'challenge of the day'. For this social hackathon we are looking at innovating to improve mental health across a range of topics such as...

  • Mental support application for unemployed workers
  • Supporting the mental health of long-term care workers
  • Fostering well-being, stress reduction and sense of belonging during transition to full-time work
  • Taking control of digital stress
  • E-health interventions for indigenous mental health in the workplace
  • Addressing the burden of addictions on the workforce with e-tool solutions
  • Building accessible mental health literacy training and supports for under-resourced health-care workplace
  • Developing a mental health support programme for prevention of major depression in workplaces.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie, we welcome you to join this event and work with your local health community to present your ideas for solutions to real-world problems. Challenges will be pitched at the kick off of the event, and attendees can pick one of the challenges to work on with a team. At the end of the hack, teams have the option to showcase their projects on stage.

Register here to attend and secure your place.

Also, if you have a passion for a mental health topic, or a future hackathon topic, please email your thoughts to