Mental Health Prevention and Innovation Workshop for SMEs

16 May 2017 iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Aston, Birmingham B7 4BB

We are pleased to invite you to the Mental Health Prevention and Innovation Workshop, to take place on 16 May. This is an exciting opportunity for to influence the services created and offered with regard to mental health prevention strategies.  Many of the current services for people with (or at risk of) mental illness have not changed significantly for many years, and were developed before digital capabilities were available. The recent prevention strategy proposed by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Strategy Board recommends some radical changes to the way services are planned and delivered.

This workshop seeks a ‘fresh set of eyes’ from digital health industry people who:

  •   Think digitally by default
  •   Understand current and emerging digital capabilities (the art of the possible)
  •   Can lever commercial opportunities by delivering solutions that improve mental wellbeing.

Workshop objectives:

  •  To inform digital businesses of emerging opportunities related to mental health prevention;
  •  To identify existing technologies that may be suitable for mental health prevention programmes;
  •  To identify novel approaches to the prevention of mental illness.

The event runs from 12 - 3pm and lunch and refreshments will be provided. To book your place, go to Eventbrite, or for more information, please contact