Preventing Suicides: a Tenacious Approach To Saving Lives

25 April 2017 St Edmund Hall, Queen's Lane, Oxford OX1 4AR

This event is being organised by Gloucestershire charity Suicide Crisis in conjunction with St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford. 

Suicide Crisis is a registered charity which runs a Suicide Crisis Centre in Gloucestershire. It has been providing services for three and a half years and has never had a suicide of a client under their care.

At the event, Suicide Crisis will be explaining how they have achieved zero suicide and why all of their clients have survived. They will explain the way in which they work with clients, and what they do to ensure their survival. Suicide Crisis hopes this will be of interest in explaining what can help a person who is at risk of suicide.                                                                                       

Some of the charity's male clients will also be present at the event, and one will be speaking about the reasons for his crisis, why he felt able to access the service and how he was helped to survive. There is often a perception that men find it more difficult to seek help. yet a high proportion of the charity's clients are men.

To book your place, contact Joy Hibbins, Founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, on