30 March 2017 Warwick Business School, University Of Warwick, University Road, Coventry CV4 7AL

West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative and NIHR CLAHRC West Midlands are pleased to announce the first Nudgeathon, in association with Warwick Business School.

This fun free event will for the first time bring together top behavioural science students from across the UK to work with NHS staff to use nudge theory to solve ‘real world’ healthcare problems. Nudge theory is widely used across a wide range of contexts, including the Cabinet Office who have a British Behavioural Insights Team. The idea is to use positive reinforcement and indirect suggestion to improve decision making or compliance. Participants will work in teams to come up with solutions to patient safety problems based around a chosen topic which this year is atrial fibrillation (AF).

No knowledge of nudge theory, behavioural science or atrial fibrillation is needed, just enthusiasm, a willingness to solve problems, and an appetite to learn new skills. If you are interested and work in the NHS please reply to this email providing your role, organisation and a brief summary (200 words maximum) stating why you would like to participate.

Please note that places for this event are extremely limited, so it is important that you can commit to attend the full programme on both days of the event if you apply. Please do not apply if you are unsure or unable to commit. We have the provision to offer overnight accommodation at the University of Warwick if needed, so please indicate on your email if you would require this.

Please respond by Friday 24 February to