Introductory Clinical Statistics

16 November 2016 Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Birmingham B15 2SQ

This workshop is designed to empower healthcare professional and clinicians alike in understanding basic statistical concepts and methods useful for application in the simpler aspects of clinical research. It will include developing an understanding of the different types of data which may be obtained in such research.

You will learn how to explore, analyse and summarise these data types, including simple ways of putting confidence intervals on their summaries. You will be involved in a sampling and measurement experiment which will enable you to learn important concepts and methods of sampling, measurement, sources of bias, data summary and about confidence intervals. That leads on to the simplest ways of comparing two sets of data. You will also be introduced to the analysis of 2x2 contingency tables and the chi-squared test for analysing qualitative data. 

Fees are £275 plus VAT (£330 including VAT).

If two or more workshops are booked together in advance, discounts are available. Discounts are also available for groups of three or more participants, if booked together as a group in advance.

For further details of workshops and discounts, as well as booking forms, contact Dr Thompson at: