{Life Science} meets IT Hackathon

20 May 2016 Marsilius Arkaden, Heidelberg, Germany

Companies, policy makers and healthcare professionals worldwide are confronted with various challenges in the area of healthcare due to demographic changes, increasing chronic diseases and mental health issues. In order to foster growth and competitiveness in Europe and to support healthcare systems, the {Life Science} meets IT Hackathon will bring together enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, professionals and students to develop innovative solutions (including hardware/software prototype) for current and future healthcare challenges with the help of IT.

Join this 54 hours challenge to develop innovative solutions for current and future healthcare challenges:

  • Putting the patient’s needs into the centre of attention and finding new pathways and solutions to improve patients' health
  • Innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that stimulate new growth opportunities and are very advanced in terms of technological quality and IT standard
  • To stimulate growth, jobs and competitiveness, this award focuses on the best business case to highlight innovative economic opportunities for companies, patients and other organisations.

Over the weekend on 20 - 22 May, renowned keynote speakers and coaches will motivate participants to create new pathways and solutions for a sustainable future in the area of life science and IT. Be inspired by intense collaboration and find new ways to improve Europe’s healthcare environment. 

Participants from the UK and Ireland are eligible for a 50% discount on the event via the EIT Health KIC, using the code  EIT_UKI_CLC_6TR342. The remainder of the event and all other costs will have to be met by individuals or their organisations. 

Register your place or for more information, visit the {Life Science} meets IT Hackathon website