West Midlands Mental Health Innovation Network Event - Individual Placement and Support

11 May 2016 Holiday Inn Birmingham - Bromsgrove, Kidderminster Road, Worcestershire B61 9AB

The inaugural event of the West Midlands Mental Health Innovation Network will be held from 2.30 - 5.30pm on 11 May at the Holiday Inn Birmingham-Bromsgrove. 

The overall aim of the network is to better support the sharing and adoption of mental health at scale and pace across the region, with a view to demonstrating improvements in health and increased wealth.

The first network event will focus on Individual Placement and Support (IPS). People with mental health problems often want to be working but don't know how to go about it or need support to make it happen. If they do want to work, then the most effective method of helping them to do so is IPS. It is more effective than the other main approach to getting people into work of 'train then place', which involves training, development and sheltered work, then placing the person in paid employment. IPS gets people into competitive employment first with training and support on the job.

To view the slides from the event, click here. If you have any queries, contact Lily Singh, Innovation Facilitator, on 0121 301 4343.