Simulation and Modelling for Life Sciences/Health Sector: Exploring the State-of-the-Art

9 March 2016 Room 423, Sir Alwyn Williams Bldg - University of Glasgow Glasgow G12 8QN

SimBest is an Innovate UK funded project delivered by KTN and NAFEMS, which aims to reveal the present industrial best practice in the use of simulation and modelling techniques within the UK across several industry sectors. It is also investigating the state-of-the-art for these technologies by engaging with leading academic institutions. The state-of-the-art study aims to provide a vision of what might be possible in future and how to help industry ‘raise its game’ in using these techniques.

A key driver is to improve the UK’s productivity and competitiveness (time to market, R&D costs, innovation capacity). Information from 1:1 interviews with academics working in the field and workshops such as this one will inform the SimBest report, which will be provided to Innovate UK in April 2016. The report will be a key input to future Innovate UK funding calls across several sectors, which it is hoped will emphasise the role of modelling and simulation in future innovation activities.

This particular workshop also aims to explore modelling and simulation techniques and potential translation of techniques between sectors with an emphasis on life sciences and health, but they are also interested in looking at the underpinning technologies, techniques and resource requirements.

There will be short presentations of current research, then  a workshop discussion to try and explore both applications and new modelling/ simulation techniques.

For further information contact David Calder. For more details and to book your place, visit Eventbrite