European assistance programme for the procurement of innovative ICT solutions

24 November 2015 Citylabs, Nelson Street, Manchester M13 9NQ

The identification, uptake and spread of innovative ICT solutions is of key importance to respond to unmet needs, to deliver better patient care and to tackle to some of the challenges confronting the NHS. NHS organisations, AHSNs and local councils which are looking to commission/procure innovative solutions can benefit from EU knowledge and assistance on conducting innovative procurement, as well as tap into EU funding opportunities available in this area.

What is innovation procurement? 

Innovation procurement – the process of buying innovative solutions – can help to modernise healthcare services, reduce operational costs and open new market opportunities for businesses. The event will look in depth into two complementary types of innovation procurement:

  • Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI), also known as forward commitment procurement in the UK, which can be used when innovative solutions are nearly or already (in a limited form) on the market and there is no need for procuring research and development (R&D). Early adopters (known as “launch customers”) can then bring solutions to the market by informing suppliers. 
  • Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), which can be used when there are no near-to-market solutions that meet procurers' requirements and therefore R&D is needed to develop new solutions. PCP is a public procurement of R&D services, very similar to the Small Business Research Initiative.

The event will:

  • Showcase good practice and provide hands-on support in innovation procurement of ICT health and care solutions
  • Launch a toolkit which will help procurers in the design and implementation of innovation procurement
  • Highlight EU funding opportunities available to support innovation procurement and guidance on how to access it
  • Offer the opportunity to meet procurers of health and social care from other countries across Europe, to exchange on respective needs and approaches and to network in view of developing joint EU funding bids.

Who should attend?  

This event is mainly for commissioners and procurers of health and social care who are considering innovative ways of delivering services through the use of innovative ICT solutions. In particular, colleagues from Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS providers, AHSNs and local councils may be interested in participating.

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