WMAHSN Clinical Trials and MedTech Evaluations Workshop for SMEs

15 July 2015 thestudio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP


West Midlands-based NHS organisations and universities conduct significant amounts of world-leading clinical research in partnership with industry. Much of the research conducted is with large pharmaceutical companies, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with products including medical devices and digital tools, often find it difficult to undertake research with the NHS, universities, networks and other infrastructure.

To address this concern, the WMAHSN has organised an event on 15 July 2015 in central Birmingham to showcase successful SME collaborations with the NHS, universities and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) infrastructure. The event will also highlight new initiatives to support SMEs and provide opportunities in workshops and other sessions for SMEs to raise challenges faced and identify solutions. Click to read the agenda

Places at the event are limited, so you are encouraged you to register as soon as possible. You can register your place on Eventbrite.

Please note that although this event is free, a cancellation fee of £25 will be charged for non-attendance or for cancellations made less than seven days before the event without a valid reason.