Five minutes with... Rich Westman of Kaido

Posted on 22 August 2016 (Permalink)

Every person has a right to health and wellbeing. However, with the health service under huge pressure, individuals are now looking online for help and inspiration about how to look after their health. But with conflicting content and generic apps – even wearable technology that gives users lots of data but no indication of context - the internet is not a reliable educational resource.

Kaido is a digital health and wellbeing company that uses advanced technology and academic expertise to put trusted, meaningful and user-friendly health and wellbeing content at a person’s fingertips. Kaido was one of the first start-ups to join the Digital Health quarter of Innovation Birmingham’s Serendip® Smart Cities Incubator programme. The incubator is delivered by Innovation Birmingham in collaboration with key partners, with the WMAHSN collaborating in the Digital Health quarter.

Kaido will build a picture of a user’s health and wellbeing by pulling data from their mobile phone, wearable technologies (such as the Fitbit wristband), social media streams, visual recognition software and from internal input functions and questionnaires. Then, using the very latest artificial intelligence technology combined with the team’s expertise, Kaido will serve up bespoke information to provide learning, insight and opportunity for the user.

Kaido has three clear aims for its platform:

  • Educate people of communities to make better educated lifestyle choices.
  • Enable people with long term health conditions to better manage their care.
  • Empower research to give academic and clinicians better insight for the future.

Here, we spend five minutes with Rich Westman, Managing Director of Kaido, who talks about the company and his hopes for the future in working with WMAHSN. 

What are you most looking forward to about being in the Digital Health quarter of Serendip? 

The digital health quarter of Serendip gives Kaido a fantastic opportunity to learn from established professionals inside the NHS to test, validate and position itself in health markets. The WMAHSN are at the forefront of challenges inside the NHS and public health, and having exposure to these will allow Kaido to create truly bespoke product solutions for which there is a real need. The collaboration with the WMAHSN and other Serendip partners is a hugely attractive proposition for a young start-up, as leveraging experience and contacts is a critical part of business development in today's society.

What makes your company unique? 

Kaido’s core USP sits with the people involved. The Kaido content team boasts experience from professional and Olympic sports, as well as academia. Kaido’s commitment to its end user is that academically endorsed, trusted content around physical health, nutrition and psychology will ‘always be free, always up to date’ for them to access and learn from. Kaido was created from the desire of elite professionals to share their understanding to benefit a much larger pool of people in relation to a very serious health problem. This core competence will always be at the heart of Kaido.

In addition, Kaido is using cutting edge technology to create truly bespoke development plans for individual users. We are living in an age where behavioural data is becoming increasingly accessible but only recently have companies started to use it to leverage competitive advantage. Kaido aims to be one of the first applications of artificial intelligence technology to create a preventative approach to healthcare.

What are you hoping that the WMAHSN can support you with? 

When starting out on our journey, we were aware that selling into the NHS was an extremely long term goal and consequently distribution through the NHS network was unlikely. However, we are hoping that the WMAHSN can feed Kaido insight and opportunities to ensure that we always remain at the forefront of new developments and thus competitive in the healthcare space. The partnership with WMAHSN has come at a critical time when Kaido is looking to finalise development and push our MVP into markets. We want to work with key partners to develop bespoke product solutions and hope to use WMAHSN to leverage these. Already, we have benefitted from interaction with technology players such as IBM and Apple, and this is imperative in keeping up with developments and trends in a fast-moving sector.

What do you see as the greatest opportunities for your business? 

Kaido has a fantastic opportunity to bridge the distinct gap between academic expertise and commercial health and fitness. In today's society, "sex sells" and this is becoming increasingly evidenced by the huge commercial entities that promote health to UK citizens. In addition, the UK population has become far too reliant on the NHS and needs to be made aware of how taking a proactive stance to their own healthcare could reap personal and financial benefits for all. UK clinicians and academics and at UK universities are among some of the best in the world at understanding health, but are rarely recognised for their work. Kaido aims to collate the leading insight around health from established and credible practitioners and package it as a software platform with huge market appeal.