About us

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) will be pivotal to the generation and maintenance of a healthier region in which there is equitable access to high quality, efficient, effective, person-centred care that delivers the best clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction through the faster adoption of innovation. 

This will be achieved in a collaborative environment in which partner organisations are mutually supportive and in which the technology-rich West Midlands’ life sciences community is fully integrated and generating additional investment.  Innovation will be spread at scale and pace regionally, nationally and internationally, making the West Midlands healthier and more productive.  The WMAHSN, its partners and the public will celebrate the region’s success as a centre for innovation, health and wealth and as the first digitally-enabled health economy in England.

The improved generation and adoption of innovation will benefit the economy by giving the region’s academic institutions and life sciences industry a competitive advantage. 

Our mission statement

WMAHSN will lead, catalyse and drive co-operation, collaboration and productivity between academia, industry, health and care providers and commissioners, and citizens, and accelerate the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s health and wealth. 

Our values

The West Midlands AHSN will maintain a shared purpose and shared endeavour across its members and partners; it will at all times be honest, transparent, inclusive and innovative. 

Our purpose

On behalf of our stakeholders (the West Midlands’ population), to deliver improved healthcare outcomes and create economic growth.

Our methods

In order to achieve our aims, we:

  • bring together our members - NHS commissioners, providers of NHS services, industry, academia, the third sector and patients, carers and the public - to identify healthcare innovations and successfully spread them at scale and pace throughout the West Midlands and beyond
  • bring about collaborations between education, training, research, informatics and healthcare delivery
  • work with all who have a stake in health provision across the region to build on the West Midlands’ growing reputation for adopting cutting edge technology to transform healthcare. Our vision is for the West Midlands to have a worldwide reputation for delivering healthcare through digital technology that is proven to offer improved outcomes, creates wealth and is sustainable
  • offer networks where information can be shared and relationships built, successes shared and celebrated and solutions to healthcare challenges are identified
  • provide an innovation pipeline that brings new ideas together with industry expertise and investment, as well as access to leading centres of applied health research.

Our national network

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network is one of 15 AHSNs across England, established by NHS England following the publication of the report Innovation Health and Wealth. Click to read more about the AHSN Network